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Next drop goes out on the 12th of December!

Sample - St Peters - Drop Coffee

Sample - St Peters

This week we visit Sample, an OG roaster out of St Peters who recently received the B-Corp certification. Congrats to them! If you don’t know what a B-Corp is, they are businesses that reached the highest standard off verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. Read more about them here.


Sample Coffee is a deliberately small business that believes in the power of little things making a big impact.

Thinking about tomorrow’s coffee ritual makes us just as excited as a kid before a school trip. And we acknowledge that this feeling is only made possible by the dedication of many individuals. From the grower back at origin to the roaster here at home; every tiny part counts.

Our daily work focuses on offering a consistently high-quality coffee experience in balance with a responsible business practice based on respect, generosity and joy. We do this by being present, paying attention to the small details and investing in long-term relationships with those who also care about their communities and lands.

From little things, big things grow.

Today we are featuring 4 coffees from Sample. They’re two delicious blends and two small crop singles. Read about them below.


Pacemaker - Blend

66%: Colombia - El Meridiano
34%: Ethiopia - Telila

Roast date - 30/08/2021

Process - Washed

Flavour notes - Dark chocolate, Cherry, Vanilla


Sweet tooth - Blend


66%: Colombia - Arsosala
34%: Ethiopia - Andino

Roast date - 30/08/2021

Process - Washed / Natural

Flavour notes - Milk chocolate, Raspberry, Cookie dough


Halo Beriti, Ethiopia


Halo or Halu Beriti Washing Station was established in 2014 and serves 750 smallholder producers, who deliver their coffee in cherry form.

This particular lot is part of a “special preparation” in which hand-sorting was done repeatedly throughout the receiving and drying process, ensuring that only perfect cherries made it into the bags.

Coffees in Ethiopia are typically traceable to the washing station level, where smallholder farmers—many of whom own less than ½ hectare of land, and as little as 1/8 hectare on average—deliver cherry by weight to receive payment at a market rate.

Roast date - 30/08/2021

Process - Washed

Altitude - 2100-2300 masl

Flavour notes - French earl grey, Mandarin


Kamwangi, Kenya

Kamwangi is one of two factories run by New Ngariama Cooperative Society in the county. Kirinyaga is located on the slopes of Mount Kenya, and is world renowned for its amazing coffees and the delicious flavour profiles we look forward to each year.

Farms near Mount Kenya are blessed with red-volcanic soils, which give it all the mineral and organic nutrients required for optimum coffee production. Together with the cool temperatures provided by the relatively high elevation (1600-1800m above sea level) Kirinyaga’s got a big head-start on what it takes to produce delicious coffee.

Kamwangi Coffee factory is run Edwin Gichuki, the factory manager.

As well as running the factory, his team together with Coffee Management Services, helps farmers by offering farm supplies on credit and pre-financing for school fees, supplies, and emergencies.


Roast date - 30/08/2021

Process - Washed

Altitude - 1600-1800 masl

Flavour notes - Fresh peaches, Blood orange



Espresso - 9 bar

Brew ratio - 1:2.2 (dry coffee : espresso liquid)

Temp - 94 Deg C

Time - 25-30 seconds.

*Adjust grind size to achieve the desired time


Espresso - 6 bar

Brew ratio - 1:2.5 (dry coffee : espresso liquid)

Temp - 94 Deg C

Time - 25-30 seconds.

*Adjust grind size to achieve the desired time



Temp - off the boil

Ratio - 1:15 (dry coffee:water)

Bloom - 30 seconds

Flow rate - fast

*Adjust grind size to achieve desired flow rate


Temp - off the boil

Ratio - 1:14 (dry coffee : water)

Bloom - 30 seconds

Brew time - 90 seconds (including bloom)

Press consistently over 15-20 seconds.


Stove top

Ratio - 1-15 (dry coffee : water)

ethiopia road coffee.jpg
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